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My Top 5 Favourite Episodes from Doctor Who Series 3 18 January 2015

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Series 3 was not my favourite series mainly because I did not particularly like Martha Jones. I just didn’t like her puppy eyes (especially when she finally got a key to the Tardis) and the unrequited love angle, though it was dealt with nicely when Captain Jack admitted that he felt the same way.

The Doctor: (talking about the perception filter) Oh! I know what it’s like. It’s like when you fancy someone, and they don’t even know you exist. That’s what it’s like.

Captain Jack Harkness: (Martha and Jack look at each other sadly) You too, huh?

Anyway, here are my favourite episodes from this series.

5. Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks (Episodes 4-5, Helen Raynor)

Andrew Garfield with a Tennessee accent! That was strange and funny at the same time. It’s always great whenever we see the Daleks, but the pig and the showgirl trumps everything for me. It also leads me to one of my favourite quotes of the episode from the precocious Tallulah:

Tallulah: Hey, you’re lucky, though. You got yourself a forward-thinking guy, with that hot potato in the sharp suit.

Martha Jones: Oh, he’s not – We’re not – together.

Tallulah: Oh sure you are! I’ve seen the way you look at him, it’s obvious.

Martha Jones: Not to him.

Tallulah: Oh! I should have realized. He’s into musical theatre, huh? What a waste.


4. Human Nature / The Family of Blood (Episodes 8-9, Paul Cornell)

I think this was a very unique story arc, seeing the Doctor as the full-blown human John Smith, and boy did I not like him that much. He seemed too… human. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense, but I like what Nurse Redfern said, John Smith (or the Doctor) would not want mere boys to fight for him. Just two things that bothered me the whole time about these two episodes which is why I didn’t rate it higher than perhaps I should: 1) I did not like Baines. At all. And it’s not because he’s a villain – it’s just that I find him so annoying. 2) I did not like how the Family of Blood would call each other xxxx-of-mine (son-of-mine and so on). I just did not like it.

To be fair to John Smith though, you could see that he really did not want to become the Doctor, but in the end he did choose to open the fob watch.

I didn’t like Nurse Redfern that much at first – mainly because I did not want another love interest for Ten(nant), but when I watched it again, I liked how forward and honest and sincere she was. I liked how controlled she was during her last conversation with the Doctor:

Joan Redfern: Where is he… John Smith?

The Doctor: He’s in here somewhere.

Joan Redfern: Like a story… could you change back?

The Doctor: Yes.

Joan Redfern: Will you?

The Doctor: No.

And then again, Doctor Who makes something mundane unbelievably creepy. The little girl with the balloon – she was creepy to start with. And then they had to go and trap her in every mirror…

3. The Shakespeare Code (Episode 2, Gareth Roberts)

I seem to enjoy the episodes where the Doctor goes back in history and meet historical characters (like the one where Nine met Charles Dickens). So I knew from the start that I would enjoy this episode, even though I’m not that big of a Shakespeare fan. But how can you not resist all the Harry Potter references?

Martha Jones: So, magic and stuff? It’s a surprise, it’s all a bit Harry Potter.

The Doctor: Wait till you read book 7. Oh, I cried.

And book 7 hasn’t been released yet at that time. And of course…


Just brilliant. Coming from Barty Crouch Jr., whose father, Barty Crouch Sr, invented the Cybermen. Yeah.

2. Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords (Episodes 11-13, Russell T Davies)

I hated these episodes at first because the Doctor seemed so helpless. But then again – Captain Jack Harkness! I just love this guy. I need to download the Torchwood episodes now. Anyway, I thought the Master was brilliant, and he reminded me of Nine, with all his silly inopportune grins. Having never watched Classic Who beforehand, I had no idea the Master was such a big deal.

These episodes had such great dialogue:

Professor Yana: Oh, every human knows about Utopia! Where have you been?

The Doctor: Bit of a hermit.

Professor Yana: A hermit… with, uh, friends?

[points to Jack and Martha]

The Doctor: Hermits United. We meet up every ten years, swap stories about caves. It’s good fun, for a hermit.

And then there’s this one:

Professor Yana: [to the Doctor] Might I ask, what species are you?

Doctor: Time Lord. Last of. Heard of them? Legend or anything? Not even a myth? Blimey, the end of the universe is a bit humbling.

And then we had that touching conversation between Jack and the Doctor, when they talked about Rose and what happened to Jack and why he couldn’t die.

The Doctor: [about Rose] Everything she did was so human. She brought you back to life, but she couldn’t control it. She brought you back forever. That’s something, I suppose. The final act of the Time War was life.

Captain Jack Harkness: [working a power system panel] Do you think she could change me back?

The Doctor: I took the power out of her. She’s gone, Jack. She’s not just living on a parallel world. She’s trapped there. The walls have closed.

Captain Jack Harkness: I’m sorry.

The Doctor: Yeah.

Captain Jack Harkness: I went back to her estate in the Nineties, just once or twice, watched her growing up. Never said hello, time lines and all that.

The Doctor: Do you want to die?

Captain Jack Harkness: [pulling on a power system panel] This one’s a little stuck.

The Doctor: Jack.

Captain Jack Harkness: I thought I did. I don’t know, but this lot, you see them out here surviving and that’s fantastic.

1. Blink (Episode 10, Steven Moffat)


When I first started watching Doctor Who, I asked a few Whovian friends on what their favorite episodes were. They all voted very strongly for Blink as one of the best episodes of all time. So I couldn’t wait to get to 3×10. Even though they assured me that I could watch it out of sequence, I was determined to not skip a single episode and wait till I get to the tenth episode of series 3. And that is how I wound up watching Blink – by myself – in the middle of the night. I think I’d put the weeping angels as the scariest Doctor Who villain so far.

My Top 5 Favourite Episodes from Doctor Who Series 2 28 December 2014

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5. The Christmas Invasion (Christmas Special, Russell T. Davies)

To be honest, I didn’t like this episode very much when I first saw it, mainly because I was still pining after the loss of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Also, there was something about the Tenth Doctor that creeped me out at first – I realised much later on that I still remembered him as Barty Crouch Jr.

Anyway, this was a GREAT way to introduce a new Doctor. I suppose it’s always challenging to get the audience to love a new Doctor, but this had a lot of fun moments.


Sycorax: Who are you?

The Doctor: Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

Sycorax: I demand to know who you are!

The Doctor: (growling like the Sycorax) I DON’T KNOW! I mean, I know I’m the Doctor, but beyond that, I – I just don’t know. I literally do not know who I am. So I’m testing. Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? (to Rose) Sexy?

4. School Reunion (Episode 3, Toby Whithouse)


I saw this episode not knowing who Sarah Jane was, since I haven’t seen any of the Classics episodes. To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I really want to start watching  those – to see more of Sarah Jane Smith. This gives a glimpse of what things are like for a previous companion. I have to give props to the actress – she was so classy and dignified even though you could see the pain in her soul.

3. The Girl in the Fireplace (Episode 4, Steven Moffat)


I actually didn’t like this episode very much at first because it seems as if the Doctor was falling in love with one woman after another, with poor Rose right there watching everything happen. But after I saw it a few times afterwards, I grew to love the story and Reinette. There was just something so regal about Madame de Pompadour. I found out later that the actress (Sophia Myles) was David Tennant’s real life girlfriend during that time, which must have explained the unbelievable chemistry they had on screen.

2. New Earth (Episode 1, Russell T. Davies)


One word: Cassandra. Both Rose-Cassandra and the Doctor-Cassandra was just amazing. And that kiss! But my favourite scenes are those where Cassandra inhabits anyone, especially Rose and the Doctor.

Cassandra (in the Doctor’s body): Well… this is… different…

Rose: Cassandra?

Cassandra (in the Doctor’s body): Goodness me, I’m a man. Yum. So many parts. And hardly used.

[starts jerking around]

Cassandra (in the Doctor’s body): Ah, ah! Two hearts! Oh baby, I’m beating out a samba!

Rose: Get out of him!

Cassandra (in the Doctor’s body): Ooh, he’s slim… and a little bit foxy. You thought so too; I’ve been inside your head. You’ve been looking. You *like* it.

1. Army of Ghosts / Doomsday (Episodes 12 & 13, Russell T. Davies)


This was actually so sad. There were bits of it that sort of reminds me of Twilight (mainly the Rose voiceovers while she looks grieving) but it was just so terribly sad. I hated seeing Donna Noble at the end though, I felt like the Doctor should have been allowed to grieve a bit longer.

My Top 5 Favourite Episodes from Doctor Who Series 1 20 December 2014

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I started watching Doctor Who quite recently, partly to fill in the void left by one of the TV shows I’ve been watching regularly (How I Met Your Mother). To be honest, the main reason why I checked it out was because I have several Facebook friends who would regularly post about the show, and these were friends whom I share two things in common with – a love for Narnia (and C.S. Lewis), and a devotion to Middlearth (and J.R.R. Tolkien).

Anyway, I’ve finished watching Series 1 to 8 of the revival series. I went through what I understand now is a cycle all fans go through going from one Doctor to the next.


I’ve started watching the classics – I’m in the middle of the first season with the First Doctor. However, I decided to take a break and re-watch all the revival episodes again, followed by the respective Doctor Who Confidential episode. I intentionally do not look at who the writer was, so that I won’t be biased about the story (mainly because I already know I like Steven Moffat because of Sherlock.) Anyway, here are my top 5 favourite episodes from Series 1. Oh, and I count two-part episodes as one (sorry it seems like cheating…)

5) Dalek (Episode 6, Robert Shearman)


It was my first time to meet the Daleks, and to be honest, I had no idea they were such a big deal. All I thought was why on earth they had a toilet plunger and an egg beater on their frames…

What I loved about it is the incredible rage we see in the Doctor – which I only fully understood later on as I learned more about the Time War. The Doctor seemed so nice from the first few episodes, always grinning and all, but this was a completely new side of him.

The Doctor: All right then. If you want orders, follow this one… Kill yourself.

Dalek: The Daleks must survive!

The Doctor: The Daleks have failed! Why don’t you finish the job, and make the Daleks extinct? Rid the universe of your filth! Why don’t you just DIE?

Dalek: (after a pause) You would make a good Dalek.

I loved the scene where he thought Rose was going to die after he sealed the vault.

The Doctor: Rose, where are you? Rose? Did you make it?

Rose Tyler: Sorry, I was a bit slow. (sees the Dalek approaching) It’s the end, Doctor. But it’s not your fault… And you know what? I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

4) Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways (Episodes 12 & 13, Russell T. Davies)

badwolf-dalekshipmonitorThis was epic, although it ended sadly for me because this was goodbye to the Ninth Doctor, my first Doctor. Christopher Eccleston is still my favourite – tied with David Tennant – mainly because he was my first. He would always smile at inappropriate times, and would be hilariously flippant.

Dalek: I will talk to the Doctor.

The Doctor: Oh, will you? That’s nice. Hello!

Dalek: The Dalek stratagem nears completion. The fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene.

The Doctor: Oh, really? Why’s that then?

Dalek: We have your associate. You will obey or she will be exterminated.

The Doctor: No. (everyone looks at The Doctor, stunned)

Dalek: Explain yourself.

The Doctor: I said no.

Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative?

The Doctor: It means no!

Dalek: But she will be destroyed!

The Doctor: NO! ‘Cause this is what I’m gonna do – I’m gonna rescue her! I’m gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet, and then I’m gonna save the Earth, and then – just to finish you off – I’m gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky!

Dalek: But you have no weapons, no defences, no plan!

The Doctor: Yeah, and doesn’t that scare you to death? (turns to Rose) Rose?

Rose: Yes, Doctor?

The Doctor: I’m coming to get you.

And then of course, there was the first kiss right at the end.



Rose: My head…

The Doctor: Come here.

Rose: …is killing me.

The Doctor: I think you need a Doctor.

3) Rose (Episode 1, Russell T. Davies)

I downloaded the complete series 1 but wasn’t sure if I really wanted to watch it or not. It was in my laptop for weeks before I decided to give the first episode a try to see if it’s something I would actually enjoy. If I will be very honest, I still wasn’t 100% sure about Doctor Who after watching the first episode, mainly because I felt like the special effects was a little old-school. But this episode will always have a special place in my heart because it’s the first ever episode I’ve watched, just like how Christopher Eccleston will always have a special place in my heart because he’s the first Doctor I knew. Also Billie Piper’s baggy pants distracted me, and I had to keep forcing myself to remember that this was in 2005 – baggy pants were still a thing.

2) Father’s Day (Episode 8, Paul Cornell)

This was just so emotional, and Billie Piper’s acting was so perfect – sincere and vulnerable and just perfect. I was watching this for the second or third time while I was having lunch the other day and realised that I was tearing up again. The premise of the story was heavy to begin with – I mean, what would you do if you could meet your father and actually save him from death? I don’t think anyone can blame Rose for what she did.


1) The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances (Episodes 9 & 10, Steven Moffat)

Here are my reasons why I love this the most:

– It’s creepy beyond words. “Are you my mummy?” repeated again and again, gas masks fused into the face, unconnected phones ringing…

– It introduces us to one of my favourite companions – Captain Jack Harkness.

– It has a lot of humour to balance out the creepiness. It also has my favourite lines from the season:

Captain Jack Harkness: Okay, this can function as a sonic blaster, a sonic cannon, and a triple-fold sonic disruptor. Doc, what you got?

The Doctor: I’ve got a sonic, er, never mind.

Captain Jack Harkness: What?

The Doctor: It’s sonic, okay, let’s leave it at that.

Captain Jack Harkness: Disruptor? Cannon? What?

The Doctor: It’s sonic, totally sonic. I am sonicked *up*!

Captain Jack Harkness: [yelling] A sonic *what*?

The Doctor: [yelling] *Screwdriver*!


My First Thoughts about The Hunger Games Movie 23 March 2012

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At last March 22 has finally arrived, which only means one thing to me – The Hunger Games movie! I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for so long, but since my husband works late on Thursday nights, we decided to watch it the next day instead – which was March 23. However, I realized in the afternoon that I really couldn’t wait for one more day, so I asked him if we could watch the 9:50 pm showing tonight instead.

Anyway, after a very quick pizza dinner at home, we literally half-ran and half-speed-walked to the nearest cinema, and got there about 5 minutes before the movie was set to start. I tried to settle in, but I was nervous about three things –

1) whether the movie would stay faithful to the book,

2) whether my hubby – who hasn’t read the book – would like it, and

3) whether I – who has read and re-read the book too many times to count – would love it.

And after more than 2 hours at the cinema, I’d say there’s nothing to worry about 1 and 2, but I’m still slightly on the fence about 3.

Did I like it? Yes. But did I like it as much as I thought I would? Not really, and I can’t seem to figure out why. I decided to write this post tonight, while everything is still fresh in my mind, before I start reading other movie reviews. That way, I can be sure to capture exactly what I thought about the movie, and not be influenced by anyone else’s opinion.

So here goes…

1) I totally understand now why Jennifer Lawrence already has an Oscar nomination. Her Katniss was brilliant – nuanced and conflicted, BUT….. I thought she lacked a little bit more vulnerability, especially in her scenes with Peeta. She barely even smiles at the guy.

2) I still think Josh Hutcherson is too short to play Peeta (sorry fans), but he was actually quite good! I have to admit that I didn’t really like his casting at first, but he proved me wrong. He was charming and likeable, BUT……… he had too little screen time. Seriously.

3) The movie is quite faithful to the book, and included small details that fans would appreciate, such as Prim’s duck-tail. And for this I’m really glad, because it’s so frustrating to go see a movie that you think would bring a beloved book to life, and it turns out that the book just got the characters, the settings, and then went on a different direction with the story. No one would ever accuse this movie of doing that, BUT…… could it be a littletoofaithful perhaps, and included too many details? I’m still not sure about how I feel. For fans of the book, I guess we won’t mind, but for others, it may seem somewhat dragging.

4) I love the gray-ness of all the other districts, and the vibrant colors of the Capitol. And I love everything that Effie wore, BUT…… why isn’t President Snow’s lips red? I wonder… Maybe Donald Sutherland (who is one of my favorite actors) can’t rock some red lipstick.

Here are some of my other “complaints” –

– The “love story” inside the arena of Peeta & Katniss was underdeveloped (or is it because they want to make it clear that this franchise does not revolve around romance like Twilight).

– It wasn’t very clear in the movie that for the most part, Katniss was just pretending to love Peeta as part of a strategy. I thought this was quite an important plot point, and I felt that this was not dealt with properly.

– There was too little musical score – too often in the movie, there’s just silence in the background. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

– The whole story seems more… brutalsomehow. I guess that’s the difference between reading a kid’s death in a book, and seeing some curly-haired teen about to die, and seeing his blood afterwards. Also, the scenes where Seneca Crane and his crew were controlling the fireballs and all, or the scenes where the Capitol people were celebrating the hunger games, just seemed more…. heartless. I especially love the scene where Haymitch watches Capitol kids playing with a toy sword.

Perhaps I’ll try to write another review some other time, after I’ve had the chance to process things for a bit.

Top Five Moments from The Hunger Games Trailer 1 February 2012

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I’ve been watching and rewatching the trailer of The Hunger Games nearly everyday, wishing March 22 would come soon, and I thought I’d post about my five favorite moments from the less than 3 minute theatrical trailer. Here they are.

#5 – The way Effie said, “Welcome, welcome.” (0:31-0:33) From what I can see in the trailer, I think Elizabeth Banks got the character right.

#4 – The look on Peeta’s face when Katniss volunteered (1:08). It’s just one second, but the shocked look on his face was very haunting. For some reason, everytime I read The Hunger Games, during the scene when Katniss volunteered, I never pictured in my mind how Peeta must have felt.

#3 – Rue’s four-note whistle at the end of the trailer – seemingly as echoed by a mockingjay (2:30-2:33). I never thought it was the whistle until I saw some comments on YouTube.

#2 – The look on Peeta’s face when he got to the stage as the second tribute from District 12 (1:11-1:12). It’s impossible to guess how Peeta must have been feeling at that exact moment, seeing the girl he loved volunteer to be the girl tribute, and getting picked to be the boy tribute himself. He just looked so… conflicted.

#1 – The way Katniss screamed, “I volunteer!” while struggling against the Peacekeepers (1:00-1:02). It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it.


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