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My Favorite Lines from SHERLOCK Season 1 Episode 1 (A Study in Pink) 26 January 2012

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Think it through next time.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the first episode of Sherlock, A Study in Pink.


John: You asked me to come, I’m assuming it’s important.

Sherlock: Oh – yeah, of course. Can I borrow your phone?

John: My phone?

Sherlock: Always a chance that my number will be recognised. It’s on the website.

John: Mrs Hudson’s got a phone.

Sherlock: Yeah, she’s downstairs. I tried shouting but she didn’t hear.

John: I was on the other side of London…

Sherlock: There was no hurry.


Sherlock: What’s wrong?

John: Just met a friend of yours.

Sherlock: A friend?

John: An enemy.

Sherlock: Oh. Which one?

John: Well, your arch-enemy, according to him. Do people have arch-enemies?

Sherlock: Did he offer you money to spy on me?

John: Yes.

Sherlock: Did you take it?

John: No.

Sherlock: Pity, we could have split the fee. Think it through next time.

Hurray for Lestrade!

Sherlock: Anderson, what are YOU doing here on a drugs bust?

Anderson: Oh, I volunteered.

Lestrade: They all did. They’re not strictly speaking ON the drug squad, but they’re very keen.


Sherlock: Shut up, everybody! Don’t speak, don’t breathe. I’m trying to think. Anderson, face the other way. You’re putting me off.

Anderson: What? My FACE is?!

Lestrade: Everybody quiet and still. Anderson, turn your back.

Anderson: Oh, for God’s sake!

Lestrade: Your back, now, please!

What a bad cabbie.

Sherlock: Are you all right?

John: Yes, of course I’m all right.

Sherlock: Well, you have just killed a man.

John: Yes, that’s true. But he wasn’t a very nice man.

Sherlock: No. No, he wasn’t, really, was he?

Frankly a bloody awful cabbie.

Sherlock: (chuckles) That’s true, he was a bad cabbie. You should have seen the route he took us to get here.

John: Stop it! We can’t giggle, it’s a crime scene. Stop it.

Sherlock: Well, you’re the one who shot him.

John: Keep your voice down.

I want to meet their mummy!

And my favorite part of the entire show… the conversation between Sherlock, John, and the guy I first thought was Moriarty, but turned out to be Mycroft. Classic!


Mycroft: So… Another case cracked. How very public-spirited. Though that’s never really your motivation, is it?

Sherlock: What are you doing here?

Mycroft: As ever, I’m concerned about you.

Sherlock: Yes, I’ve been hearing about your “concern”.

Mycroft: Always so aggressive. Did it never occur to you that you and I belong on the same side?

Sherlock: Oddly enough – no.

Mycroft: We have more in common than you’d like to believe. This petty feud between us is simply childish. People will suffer. And you know how it always upset Mummy.

Sherlock: (increduously) I upset her? Me? It wasn’t me that upset her, Mycroft.

John: No. No, wait… Mummy? Who’s Mummy?

Sherlock: Mother. Our mother. This is my brother, Mycroft.(to Mycroft) Putting on weight again?

Mycroft: Losing it, in fact.

John: He’s your brother?

Sherlock: Course he’s my brother.

John: So he’s not…

Sherlock: Not what?

John: I don’t know… Criminal mastermind?

Sherlock: Close enough.

Mycroft: For goodness’ sake. I occupy a minor position

in the British government.

Sherlock: He IS the British government, when he’s not too busy being the British secret service or the CIA on a freelance basis. (to Mycroft) Good evening, Mycroft. Try not to start a war before I get home, you know what it does for the traffic.

John: (to Mycroft) So, when you say you’re concerned about him – you actually are concerned?

Mycroft: Yes, of course.

John: I mean, it actually is a childish feud?

Mycroft: He’s always been so resentful. You can imagine the Christmas dinners.

John: Yeah… No… God, no.


1. Sherlocks awesome - 18 March 2014

This is the awesomest show ever!!! The writing is fabulous and it balances serious and funny perfectly!!!

2. shradha - 12 June 2012

gosh…. even i loved the mycroft part!!! was more than classic!

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